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Is there something you want to change in your life? Do you want more? Do you want to find your JOY? Are you ready to acknowledge YOU in your life?

In this life we are so full of conditioning that we often don’t recognise what is JOYOUS for us and what would allow our life to flow with a simple ease and happiness.

I’m not here to give you advice, anyone can do that, I’m here to introduce you to amazingly powerful treatments and tools to help you find you way to your JOY.

Access Bars

Your point of view creates your reality

Access Bars, so simple in it’s method and yet so powerful in it’s outcomes. It removes all the negative junk in your head. All the thoughts, feelings, emotions and stories that are ruling your life. A bit like pressing the delete button on your computer!! It creates so much space for you to BE you.

How does it work – By gently touching 32 points on the head (the Bars) that dissipate, release, and eventually delete all those negative thoughts feelings, emotions and stories, leaving you with total relaxation, calmness and space, like you’ve probably never experienced. From that space you can begin to peel away all the beliefs that you have been conditioned with so that you can find what is true for you in any area of your life..

Who will it benefit – Anyone who knows there are more possibilities for their life. Who wants to be free of their mind chatter, anxiety, stress, money or relationship issues. Anyone who wants to defeat depression, body or sleep concerns. Anyone wanting to embrace and be empowered by their capacities of Autism, ADHD, ADD. If you have something you want to change in your life, if you want to ditch everything that’s limiting you in your life, Bars is a powerful way to create that change.

A Bars treatment is between 60 and 90 minutes.



After treatments with Maureen I feel like I have let go of a heavy weight I didn’t know I was carrying.  I leave feeling relaxed, lighter, as if I can breath more freely.  I find Maureen kind, insightful and she often has the right words to help me.

Jayne T

I have had a few sessions of Access Bars with Maureen and found it really helpful.  She works professionally and intuitively and has in depth knowledge and experience in her field. I found the sessions deeply relaxing and they have brought some powerful change in me, so I am a much happier person than when I started.  Highly recommended.

Pippa A

Access Facelift

Your point of view creates your reality

Do you judge your face and body. Even just a little?? I did. Access Facelift is an amazing energetic process to rejuvenate your face and body. I chose this personally to get over judging the way I looked and showed up in the world. I worked for me and that’s why I’m happy to introduce it to you.

How does it work? NO SURGERY, NO INJECTIONS, NO DRUGS, NO CHEMICALS … just gentle energetic touch at specific positions on the neck and face, releases all the points of view we have about our face and even our body. It can even reverse the appearance of ageing so you can look and feel the very best you can. If done repeatedly (at least 20 times) the changes appear to be permanent.

Who will benefit? Anyone who wants to reverse some of the signs of ageing and feel at their absolute best. Anyone who judges the way they look and is limiting their life because of it, a bit like having a life lift, giving you more energy, stability and clarity.

A Facelift treatment is 60 minutes of complete relaxation.

Single Session £55
Five Sessions £250
Ten Sessions £450

Reiki Healing

Slow down, relax and let it all go

An ancient, powerful, yet gentle healing therapy, Reiki can almost be considered mainstream now, even recognised by many in the medical profession.

The relaxing nature of Reiki can be incredibly helpful to us, especially at difficult times. We can all feel overwhelmed or disconnected resulting in a sense of isolation. The word Reiki, translates to ‘universal life energy’ and is based on the understanding that life energy flows through all living things. When our energy becomes disrupted or blocked, it can cause stress and dis-ease.

The power of Reiki is to open the energy flows throughout our body which enables our bodies to heal, that healing can take place on many levels. Physically, in conjunction with other medical of therapeutic practices, it can speed up the healing process. Emotionally, it can reduce stress, anxiety and depression and will work if you have something more specific you want to change to create a happier you.

A Reiki treatment is between 60 and 90 minutes of complete relaxation.

Single Session £45
Three Sessions £125

Distance Reiki Healing

Slow down, relax and let it all go

Universal energy is everywhere and in every living thing, it is in constant flow. It’s available to us all. By setting an intention for the Reiki to contribute and heal, it can be sent and received from me to anywhere and anyone. All you are required to do is to be open and ready to receive. True receiving is not something we’re very comfortable with in this world, however the more we are open to receive, the more the beautiful energy of Reiki will contribute to you.

How does it work – You and I agree a time for the healing to take place. For the best results you make yourself comfortable, lying or sitting where you can guarantee peace and quiet for 20-30 minutes and during that time I send and you receive healing.

However I totally understand that is not always possible, depending on what is going on in your life. Reiki healing can be sent whatever your situation, so I urge you to request Reiki at whatever time you feel it will be a contribution to you.

Single Session £15
Three Sessions £40

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