Maureen Joy

What might you like to know about me …

I’m a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, teacher and over the last year I’ve really acknowledged I am an excited traveller through life. I search, I ask lots of questions, I’m forever unfolding and growing and I love my life. The more I choose “joyful happiness”, the more possibilities life shows me and the more abundant it becomes.

I’ve had a very varied life, born in New Zealand, lived in a variety of countries, had many adventures, worked in the crazy corporate world and now I’m committed to helping others find their ‘happy’ and learning to really create their life. My friends describe me as inspirational, loving, potent and nurturing and that’s what I bring to all my treatments and clients.
When we follow the joy and allow ourselves to be open to possibilities.


Maureen Joy

the gardener

The outdoors and my garden are my passions. Nature is a constant source of wonderment and my garden, a constant source of joy and creativity.

It provides me with a bounty of organic veg, an ever changing array of colour and beauty, and a constant stream of natures visitors throughout the year. I truly follow my joy in my garden.

Maureen Joy

my healing journey

Ten years ago I was living on a boat in Greece, an idyllic life, until my husband had an accident and broke his neck. That changed our world.
Absolutely nothing would be the same ever again. My husband on life support in a Greek hospital for 3 weeks, an emergency flight back to the UK straight into ICU and me with nowhere to live, what next? A tough eighteen months on, my husband completed rehab and in a wheelchair for life, adapting a new home completed I had worked myself to a standstill. It was my way of coping, but I realised I needed help to cope with the life that has been presented me and there starts my own healing journey.

Like many before me, I had hit rock bottom, not sure where to turn when someone suggested Reiki. I’d heard of it but had no idea what energy healing was, but had nothing to loose and everything to gain. My first Reiki session gave me the space and peace I needed to finally let my poor body relax and receive. My second session wasn’t quite the transformation of the first session, however, the third session completely changed my life. I left that session with hope and finally the possibility of a new future. Shortly after I realised a passion – to pass on the transformation I had just experienced. I began my Reiki training and over the next 2 years I worked my way up to Reiki Master and Teacher. It wasn’t always plain sailing and sometimes it was down right uncomfortable and messy.

During that time, I explored a number of other healing modalities including Access Consciousness and The Bars. That took me to a completely new level of energy healing and continuing growth and change. The Bars is so simple in it’s method and yet so powerful in it’s outcomes. In addition, Access Consciousness has many tools and energy processes that continue to change my life in ways I could never have imagined. I’m passionate about introducing these amazing tools to anyone who wants to make changes in their own life and I have had the privilege to witness many such changes. Constantly asking questions, learning and creating is the very essence of me. My ask of the Universe is to bring the passion for healing and growing together in the coming years and that will truly be a joyous way to live.

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